QuickBooks Sweet Shop POS Support

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A QuickBooks Sweet Shop POS system that helps to calculate all the items purchased from your Sweet Shop on the basis of weight or MRP. The software smartly retrieves all the information of the sweet being billed along with its weight and all the ingredients utilized to it. It calculates the price of the sweet on the basis of its weight and quantity mechanically which makes the whole process of sale smooth and swift without any scope of mistake. The customer’s details provided at the time of sales can also be generated at a later date for report creation and in-depth analysis of what works and what has to be removed. If you need any kind of support contact QuickBooks Support

quickbooks pos support


“My sweet shop consists of regular tracking of all ingredients. However, keeping an eye on everything at the same time while performing billing functions as per weight or number of items was getting a bit hectic.

On recommendation with the fellow sweet shop owner, I got in touch with usingpos.com and got a Sweet Shop POS. The technical experts were quite helpful in all regards with QuickBooks POS system.”

-Dawn Williams(Greenville, SC 29601)

Branch Manager