Scan Tracking Confirmation From Courier Companies Into QuickBooks POS

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Scanning tracking confirmation is possible in QuickBooks Point of Sales(POS). QuickBooks POS enables businesses to record data from transactions in an easy and efficient manner. This data can be about the item sold, customer, discount offered, etc. You can even record and offer discount on particular items or to particular customers. On basis of all this data it can also recognise, analyse and assess the trends. You can even use POS hardware such as computer, barcode scanner, OR code scanner, debit/ credit card reader and cash drawer to easily record and maintain transactions.

QuickBooks Point of Sales enables you to record and scan tracking confirmation from courier companies. You can even add the tracking id by customising templates. For this follow the steps given below:-

  1. First you need to add the courier company as an item in QuickBooks POS. For this goto item list and click on add. Here define the item and click on save. You can leave the price as ‘0’ for these items.
  2. Now goto Tools in File and click on Print Designer.
  3. A new window titled Print Designer will appear. Select ‘Sales Receipt’ under ‘Select a Document Type.’
  4. Scroll down Available Templates and select 40 column Desc 2. This is the one and only template that will provide the space for a tracking number. On the right hand side you can even see a sample of the template on the right in the Print Designer window.
  5. Click on Modify. This will save this template and you will be able to work on it.
  6. Now record the courier as a sale. Set the quantity of your courier and price which the service provider is charging.
  7. Now select the item that you created for tracking and click on the edit
  8. Under Item Properties add the tracking ID in Item Description. You can add the tracking ID as ‘Tracking ID-TRW12458’. This way you can have the tracking ID printed on the template.

This is not at all an arduous method and can be mastered in just a couple of minutes. You can save this item as a sale every time and even analyse and assess this while creating reports. The above steps make scanning the tracking confirmation from courier companies as easy as pie.

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