QuickBooks-Accounting Software for Small and Medium Size Business

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QuickBooks is an accounting software which is developed and marketed by Intuit for small and medium organizations. It is available in on-premises version as well as cloud-based, you can choose it according to your need. It is built on a strong platform with many enhanced and improvised features which makes your task easier and smoother. Intuit always comes up with many updates and upgrades in QuickBooks, so that you can align your work proficiently and even handle your work in real-time.

QuickBooks is available in three editions for the desktop version QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premium, and QuickBooks Enterprise. You can easily select a suitable product for your business and purchase or subscribe to any edition of QuickBooks according to your business need.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is the most suitable accounting software for your small business. The latest version of QuickBooks Pro Desktop also has two editions, which are Pro and Pro Plus . Along with the product, you get an option to purchase hosting for it. It has various improvised tools which will help in tracking and provide you with real-time inventory reports. The setup of this accounting solution is very simple and easy. You can now easily import data from spreadsheet accurately. It will also backup your data automatically and support multiple users up to 3 users only.

QuickBooks Premier

It is often said that the QuickBooks Premier is “tailor-made” for your business. The latest version of the QuickBooks Premier is also available in two editions i.e. QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Premier Plus . It has all the features of QuickBooks Pro Desktop along with a few extra enhancements for your business. With QuickBooks Premier, you can work with 5 users as it supports multiple user functionality. It will give you a detailed report and highlight the specific fields, where you need to work on. It will help you in creating sales orders and maintain a track for your business cost flow. You can enjoy the benefits of inventory along with automatic data backups. You can also create forecast from scratch or use previous year’s information.

QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a game-changing product for your industry. It is one of the most powerful and customizable product of QuickBooks. You can now easily track hundreds and thousands of customers, vendors and a lot more. It is a multiuser product, so, you can manage and set up user permissions up to 30 users successfully. You can enjoy all the features from QuickBooks Pro & Premium lots more. You can enjoy the benefits of inventory across different locations, down to bin, scanning bar codes and setting up of FIFO inventory costing. The feature of advance reporting and sending estimates can bring boost to your business.

QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Comparison Sheet

FeaturesQuickBooks Pro
QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise
Maximum users allowed3530
Sales tax management
Inventory management
Multiple currency support
Industry-specific versions
Sales orders
Bills of materials
Accountant toolbox
Switch to other editions
Delete transactions
Fixed assets management
Automated payment reminders
Receipt management
Customized payment receipts
Customer group creation
Barcode label prices
Landed costs
Detailed reportsMore than 100 reportsMore than 150 reportsMore than 150 reports
Manage accounts receivables/payables
Create invoices/estimates/purchase orders
Record deposits and payments
Generating financial reports
A Comparison for QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks software integrated with payroll service of Intuit or any other third-party software provides you with un-parallel payroll tools and features that swiftly give you an edge over other payroll software available in the market. It happens to be a complex process but QuickBooks had made your work simpler by providing payroll support. So, you can now enjoy the benefits of all the financial and tax related activities. For those businesses, who are working on QuickBooks accounting software can easily see that this software completely fits your business needs. You can select flexible pay types and deductions which are available with this feature. You can easily access features of payroll like setting up unique paychecks for your employees which are based on hourly basis or monthly basis. Along with it, you can also decide other important factors regarding the time off, health care, retirement, etc. It will monitor all your taxes and provide accurate information. It also has an exceptional feature where you can process a payment in 24-direct deposit.  

Get QuickBooks ProAdvisor for your Accounting Support


Here is a list of features which are included in QuickBooks:

Multi-Monitor Support: You can now easily work on multiple monitors simultaneously. This feature allows you to open the QuickBooks Desktop on to three different monitors which saves a lot of time.

Inventory Reports: With Inventory Report, you get flexibility as well as insights of your business. It has some newly customized reports which helps in keeping a track.

Search in Chart of Accounts: With this special feature you can locate an account or sub-account faster. It comes with search bar on the Chart of Accounts. You can now manage large Chart of Accounts just by searching those accounts by their name or number.

Cash/ Accrual Toggle: You can now easily get some valuable insights regarding reports. It will help you with analysis of your reports from many angles. With Cash-Accrual Toggle option, you can easily juggle between them and get real-time info.

Past due stamp: It enables you to remind your clients to pay their dues faster. It is like a reminder notes for invoices and other statements.

Copying and Pasting Line through Keyboards shortcuts: You can now use shortcut for copying (Ctrl+Alt+Y) and pasting (Ctrl+Alt+V) line for invoices.

Webmail Up-gradation: Sending emails are now very easy as it can be successfully integrated with various email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Windows Live. It provides security to your data which you are emailing your clients.

Merging the Duplicate Vendors: It is a special feature which allows you to merge all duplicate vendor names through combining up vendors and integrating all transactions to a secure master vendor. You can update the information anytime and anywhere according to your convenience.

QuickBooks POS Support

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Here are the system requirements for QuickBooks accounting software

QuickBooks has recently launched its latest version. This version of QuickBooks is available in Desktop version. If you want to install it in your system, then your system should fulfill the following requirements.

  • You can install all the editions of QuickBooks in Windows 10 Operating System (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • The operating system in which you will be installing or running your QuickBooks software should be natively installed in that system.
  • You should have Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit) so that you can enjoy the complete benefits of QuickBooks.
  • You should have 2.4 GHz processor (minimum).
  • You should have 4 GB RAM as it is the minimum requirement. But if you have 8 GB, and then your software will run smoothly.
  • For the users of QuickBooks Desktop 2018, multi-users can simultaneously work on this software at one time. So if 1 to 5 users are working on it then your system’s RAM should be 8 GB (recommended). 12 GB RAM is highly recommended if 10 users are working on QuickBooks solutions while 16 GB RAM is recommended for 15 users. If 20 users are using QuickBooks accounting solution (latest version i.e. QuickBooks 2018), then 20+GB RAM is highly recommended for the proper functioning of the software.
  • As QuickBooks is a huge software, you will need a large space in your system to store its data. So the amount of space you will need in your hard-disk for QuickBooks should be more than 4 GB space. For some extra and additional files which are related to QuickBooks require around 2.5 GB of space in hard-disk.
  • If you have an additional software like Microsoft .NET 4.6 which will provides assistance to your QuickBooks software, you would need an extra 60MB space or more.
  • You are advised to save a large .QBW data file on an SSD as it gives a boost to the performance of QuickBooks.
  • As for optical drive requirement, you need a 4X DVD-ROM drive for CD installation of QuickBooks software from CD.
  • For screen resolution, it is mandatory that you should set up the screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 or higher. If you are using more than one monitor then your resolution should be higher to 1280 x 1024. It can also be optimized best for Default DPI setting on your system.

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List of Compatible Software with QuickBooks 2018

  1. Microsoft Office 2016 which also includes MS Outlook 2016 for (32-bit and 64-bit).
  2. Microsoft Office version 2010, 2013 and 365 can be successfully integrated with QuickBooks. MS office also includes Outlook 2010 and 2013 for both 32 and 64 bit editions.
  3. QuickBooks Point of Sale V12.0, V11.0, V10.0 (mostly applicable to US users only)
  4. Integration of Turbo Tax 2016 and 2015 (both business and personal are compatible with the latest version of QuickBooks)
  5. Lacerte 2016 and 2015 (applicable in US only)
  6. Pro-Series tax years 2016 and 2015.
  7. Quicken 2017, 2016, 2015
  8. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Business Planner, Payroll for viewing the forms requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or its later versions which are available.
  9. The internet requirement for Payroll and other online features requires minimum connection speed of 56 Kbps but 1 Mbps is highly recommended for the smooth functioning of QuickBooks.
  10. Gmail, Yahoo Email, Windows Mail, Hotmail, and AOL are supported by QuickBooks.
  11. There are some antivirus and firewall software which are compatible with QuickBooks (latest version).
All editions Windows Server FirewallMicrosoft Security Essentials

With such advanced features and enhancements. What are you waiting for? Download & install this QuickBooks accounting software and enjoy its benefits. If you have any queries regarding this software, you can contact Postechie. They are the third-party consultancy that provides technical assistance for Quickboacross the world. To get in touch with them, you just have to call their experts on Toll-Free number +1-800-935-0532. You can also visit their website and request for online chat assistence.