QuickBooks POS Error Connecting SSL

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QuickBooks POS Error 121The QuickBooks Point of Sale is retail solution for the small and medium size business. It is available in both desktop version as well as the cloud based version. So now the user can easily work from anywhere. This software enables a user to build a customer relationship, helps in manage inventory and the banking process is automated. The basic features of QuickBooks Point of Sale are it basically accepts all kinds of payments, helps in building CRM, tracking the inventory, etc. Though the QuickBooks Point of Sale make your life and work easier, there are certain situations when there might be some errors. While working with the QuickBooks the user may come across like QuickBooks POS error connecting SSL.

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QuickBooks POS Error Connecting SSL

When a user encounters this error they will have difficulty in connecting with the client workstation. It means the user will not be able to connect the system which contains the POS data file to the workstation. This problem will occur repeatedly whenever the POS server workstation is started and QuickBooks Point of Sale is still running in the workstation of client. In this case the connection between them will be lost and the user will get the error. The another reason for this is when the security certificate has expired.

When the user gets this error, in that situation they can try the steps given below to resolve it.

Method I:

  • Close the QuickBooks Point of Sale running on all the workstations.
  • Download the renewal for security certificate.
  • Now after downloading, when there is prompt option on your screen, Click on the Open option then click on Run.
  • Now click on the option overwrite files without prompt.
  • Then select unzip option.
  • Click OK and select the Close option to close the window.
  • Open POS, your software should run smoothly.

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Method II:

  • The version of QuickBooks Point of Sale on your workstation should be update.
  • Uninstall the security software, if you have installed it recently.
  • Turn off the firewall.
  • Don’t run any other application or software while the troubleshooting is running in the system.
  • Check whether the new application installed in the system is causing the error.

Here are two methods by which the QuickBooks user can resolve the error. But even after resolving the error the QuickBooks POS users wants to make some inquiry regarding the software, they can contact the QuickBooks POS customer support. They are the QuickBooks POS technical support consultant who provide customer support. They have QuickBooks experts who have provided the POS related solutions to various users worldwide. They are always available i.e. the users can contact them anytime of the day and they will come up with the best possible solution for the problem. To contact them just dial their toll free support number /.

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