How to Fix QuickBooks POS Error 100060

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QuickBooks POS is a merchandise clarification from Intuit, especially for small and mid-size businesses. It is designed with some outstanding features which offer a user-friendly solution. However, while functioning on QuickBooks POS software, at times you encounter some irritating errors. One such common error is QuickBooks POS error 100060, solving which the user might face a very hard time. QuickBooks POS error 100060 encounters due to absent imports account in QuickBooks software, leaving an error message in the computer.

Causes for QuickBooks POS error 100060

Resolution step for solving QuickBooks POS error 100060

Solution I: Financial replace

  • Restart your system
  • Start QuickBooks accounting software
  • Go to Edit > Click Preferences > and then click accounting
  • Select the Company preferences and unmark the dialog box of “Use Account Number”
  • And then Press OK
  • Now execute the financial exchange task in the  QuickBooks POS
  • Click Edit > and then Preferences from QuickBooks
  • Go to Company Preferences and press on “Use Account Number” to activate your account again
  • And click OK

Solution II: Permission from QuickBooks administrator

  • Start QuickBooks POS and click company preferences
  • Press cancel
  • Go to file > select logoff option or shutdown company file
  • Press the open option
  • Log in yourself to the organization file as Administration
  • Go to the window and click Close All
  • With the QuickBooks Point of Sale, Click file > and preferences > and then click to Company
  • Start the Accounts from the financial preferences head and verify that no errors are available in the quickbooks account within the Advanced tab and Basic tab
  • Create a fresh Account in POS if any brackets encounter
  • Go to lists and then select Charts of Accounts
  • Choose the accounts and click New
  • Choose well-suited accounts type and give an appropriate name to your account
  • Enter details in all the required fields and then press OK
  • Shut down the charts of the Accounts
  • Restart QuickBooks point of sale and click in the organization preferences
  • Choose the account and verify the bracket in both advanced and basic tab.
  • Change whether the errors still continues

Gain high-standard service for QuickBooks Point of Sale error

Looking forward that you have already been successful in fixing the QuickBooks POS error 100060 by following the above-given resolution step. Hope this article properly discussed each and every dimension of QuickBooks POS errors and its resolutions. But if more information is needed, then our team consists of competent, experienced and trained members have the capability to elaborated, analyze and solve any error. You can chat with them via Live Chat Support or directly call at our toll-free helpline number of QuickBooks Point of Sale Support/ available for 24 hours.