Fix QuickBooks MAC Error “is damaged and can’t be opened”

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QuickBooks is comprehensive software which helps you by handling all your financial and accounting needs. It is available for both MAC and Windows users. It happens to be one of the best book-keeping solutions for small and medium industries. Though working on it is a very smooth experience but there are certain occasions when you may face some issues while working on your MAC operating system. One such issue is QuickBooks MAC Error “is damaged and can’t be opened”.

QuickBooks MAC Error

While working on your MAC operating system, there are certain situations when you can come across some technical issues which can be categorized as runtime error. One such error is when you are unable to open your QuickBooks application or is damaged. It is mostly due to MAC security as it does not allow all .app extension to be installed. And due to this issue you may receive the following message, “is damaged and can’t be opened”. This message sometimes appears due to security issue, while there are some situations when damage can occur while downloading.

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Solution to Fix QuickBooks Mac Error

To rectify this QuickBooks Mac error in MAC operating system, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open applications which you have downloaded from internet.
  • Go to Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  • Under System Preferences, you will have to select Security & Privacy option.
  • Select General tab. The MAC OS security generally allows apps which are downloaded from MAC App store. Though it is recommended that you should install apps from MACApp Store like iTunes.
  • To fix your error “Move to Trash”, you will have to” change “Allow apps downloaded from” option to “Anywhere”. If you are unable to do so as it is grayed out and is disabled, then you will need authentication from system admin. To do that you will have to press lick icon which is present next to “Click the lock to make changes”. You will now see a dialog box, enter your password and click on Enter.
  • Click on “Anywhere” radio button, now another dialog box will appear from where you will have to select “Allow From Anywhere option”.
  • Open the .app file, which is to be installed. Now you will receive another message but click on “Open” and let it install in your system.

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The solutions are highly recommended by QuickBooks Professionals for MAC Operating users, If you are not satisfied with the outcome or you need to make some inquiry, then you can contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support. They have an elite team of Intuit certified experts who have years of experience in handling such technical as well as functional issues. Simply dial the Toll-Free number /. You can also connect with them by visiting their website and requesting for Online Chat Support.