QuickBooks Company File is Used By Another Application

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With its efficient and easy to use format, QuickBooks has become a very popular accounting software for business of all statures. The software offers a host of services and features that helps the user to keep the accounts of their business up-to-date within a short span of time and further more the user does not have to engage another person to maintain the accounts.

The software with its updated and user-friendly features enables the business owner to keep and maintain the accounts by himself/herself. But being a software program, QuickBooks is not immune to flaws and troubles. There are times when a QuickBooks Company File is used by another application and it might cause the user a bit of a problem. But before contacting the QuickBooks guide the user can try to troubleshoot the issue with these steps.

🔰 Resolve QuickBooks Company File is used by another application?

There are several causes that can result in having a QuickBooks company file errors and it is quite a common issue faced by the users of this accounting software. Being a serious problem the QuickBooks company file is used by another application and can appear in the form of code 6144 or 301. Some of the common reasons that cause the QuickBooks Company file errors are as follows:

  • Installation file of the QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • The company file is being hosted by the computer, which is not the original server.
  • The network that has been set up is incorrect
  • There is a discrepancy between the company file (.qbw) and transaction log file (.tlg).
  • There is a damaged company file
  • While the file is being opened locally an error can occur too.

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Any of the above mentioned possibilities could be the cause for error of QuickBooks Company File is used by Another Application. Once the user can identify the cause he/she needs to resolve it accordingly. The following steps can help in solving the problems.

🔰 How to solve the issue of QuickBooks Company File is Used By Another Application?

Follow the procedure in mentioned method to fix the issue of QuickBooks Company File is Used By Another Application?

🔰 Method 1: Use multi user mode to open the file

  • Check the company file is already opened. if open then close it.
  • If you are using a single-user subscription then check another user is running the QB company file at the same time
  • If another user is running at the same time then close it and again Run the company file. Otherwise, switch to multi-user mode.

🔰 Method 2: When Company file is located on server

  • Close QuickBooks on your computer
  • Open the Server, and press key Ctrl + Alt + Del and select “Start Task Manager”
  • Click “Processes”tab
  • Check “Show processes from all users” checkbox
  • Search the mysqld.exe process and clcik the End Process. For QuickBooks accounting 2013 version search mysqld-nt.exe process
  • Open the SAJ file folder
  • Manually delete the process.pid file
  • If the error remain exist attempt to reboot the server

🔰 Method 3: When the data file is saved on the server but unableto access it.

  • Otherwise, switch to multi-user mode. Run explorer and download the SAJ and SAI from the server to the desktop
  • Now Open your desktop and access the SAJ and SAI file
  • If you are not able to access the file, restore the latest server’s backup
  • If you can access the file, close the company file
  • Now reboot the server
  • Upload the SAJ and SAI from desktop to server
  • Keep in mind to delete the copied desktop file

🔰 Method 4: When data is in My Documents folder but redirected to the server

  • Save the SAJ folder and SAI file to the C Drive
  • When you are able to open file on new location, Select the file and save it in the previous location (My Documents).
  • Then rename the file
  • Now delete the SAJ folder

A user can also try to find the reason that is causing the problem manually and then look for the best solution. However, if everything fails the user should call the UsingPOS QuickBooks ExpertsTeam.  To speak to them, you don’t need to look at the clock as QuickBooks POS guide helpdesk experts are 24*7 available to answer your queries Talk to them by live chat.