QuickBooks Abort Error: Learn How to Fix

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QuickBooks Abort Error causes due to corrupt or damaged QBWUSER.INI file. The direct indication of this error is unexpected crashes of the software when the user is processing the save function or instilling changes within the file. It is possible that the user is making certain changes saved when the software or the system crashes and switches off. QuickBooks software automatically closes down and shows the QuickBooks Abort Error. This crash of software generally interrupts the working process of other related functions. To get a better idea about this error we have provided details like probable causes, symptoms, and resolution for the same.

Causes of QuickBooks Abort Error

In order to narrow down that point in the software because of which QuickBooks Abort Error is occuring, user will require to know more about the causes of the same. Some of the most common reasons of QuickBooks Abort Error are:

  1. QBWUSER.INI file is missing or damaged.
  2. Corrupted QuickBooks Desktop
  3. You have missed the QuickBooks update or outdated version.
  4. QuickBooks Abort Error can result due to data damage in the company file.
  5. User is running two different versions of QUickBooks software under multi user mode.
  6. When multiple computer systems are setup on one network server to host the QuickBooks software.
  7. The company file is saved on a portable / external drive or different computer system and server connection to the same gets interrupted.
  8. Windows OS missing some file

Sign of the error

Every error has some sign or indication, which helps us to figure it. The same is the case with QuickBooks Abort Error. Common Symptoms of this error are:

  • At times while working with the software, QuickBooks shuts down and showcases QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error and message.
  • On other hand it is possible the software might crash and showcase no error and message for the same.
  • The computer system crashes on its own.
  • User is displayed Fatal App Exit which basically translates as the software is being aborted.
  • Computer system using Windows 8 terminates the QuickBooks software frequently.

How to Fix and Resolve QuickBooks abort error

The error is occurs from a technical issues, it is recommended that the user connects with professional support to resolve the same. However, Intuit has brought out two simple resolution to fix the error that can be attempted by the user under expert guidance of proficient QuickBooks technicians. The resolutions are:

Solution 1: Disable Antivirus and Other Security Applications

  • At times user installs more than one antivirus in order to keep the system safe from malicious attacks. However, these applications consider certain type of ports and thus the ports get blocked which might result in QuickBooks Abort error. User might be required to manually turn off these firewall and security applications.
  • If the user face any issue in this manual process they will be required to connect with security application provider.

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Solution 2: Rename the QBWUSER.ini file

For this resolution, user should remember that renaming the file can result in deletion of old file opened, thus user will have to open them again manually:

  1. Locate and navigate to folder consisting of QBWUSER.ini file on the system
  2. If the folder is not found then it means its hidden and for this user will have to enable the hidden folders.
  3. Navigate to Location: \Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [year] and then follow the steps below:
    1. Right-click on the QBWUSER.ini file
    2. Select the Rename option and in the end of the file add .old so that name becomes QBWUSER.ini.old
    3. Furthermore, .ecml file has to be re-named as well
  4. Now again try to access any sample company file.
  5. If the user can’t open their own company file, then the process is to copy that file to a separate folder and open it from that folder.
  6. Ensure it is a local folder rather than a network server.

Solution 3: Download, install and run QuickBooks install diagnostic tool

You can also try this method to resolve the issue. In this method, run QuickBooks diagnostic tool and, it will fix the error on its own. Use the following steps for using QuickBooks diagnostic tool.

  • Download the QuickBooks diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After download, install the diagnostic tool.
  • When the installation is complete double click on the icon to launch the tool.
  • You can view the result after the execution of the install diagnostic tool.
  • If the result shows no error detected, then it means that the files are OK. If the error is detected, then repair the file and restore the backup.

Solution 4: Resolve Error with QuickBooks file doctor

Run QuickBooks file doctor to resolve QuickBooks abort error. 

  • Download and install QuickBooks file doctor qbfd.exe.
  • After installation, launch QuickBooks file doctor.
  • When QuickBooks file doctor launched, then select your company file from the dropdown menu.
  • Now click on Check your file and click on Continue.
  • Now enter your admin password of your QuickBooks and click on Next.

Solution 5: Check the hosting status of your QuickBooks

QuickBooks abort error may “causes due to hosting issue. Therefore check the hosting status of QuickBooks for resolving the error.

  • Go to File and click on the option Utilities .
  • After that click on stop hosting to multi-user access option
  • Now open Company File in multi-user mode.
  • Check the checkmarks in the box labeled – open company file in multi-user mode.

Solution 6: Configure firewall settings manually

  • Go to the Window Start Menu and type Window Firewall.
  • Select Advanced settings.
  • Now right click on Inbound Rules to select option New Rule.
  • Select Port and click on Next.
  • Select TCP 
  • Enter specific ports in the Specific Local Ports field and click on Next. 
  • Select Allow the connect and click on Next.
  • Now make sure all the profiles are marked, then click on Next.
  • Now create a rule and name it.
  • At last, click on Finish.
QuickBooks Abort Error

The above two resolutions should help to fix the QuickBooks Abort Error. However, if the issue still persists it is better to connect with the Postechie Experts. If you are unable to connect with them due to long queue, then you can try live chat service.