Privacy Policy

Usingpos accords you with a detailed ‘Privacy Policy’ with a motto to help you to understand how we collect, use the personal information that is garnered by you to us. It is specially designed and we assure guaranteed security of all the personal and financial data. We update the Privacy Policy from time to time so you need to check with us periodically. The policy includes official website and exclusive services to our clients.

We are a well known QuickBooks Consulting Company, headquartered in the ‘Windy City’ Chicago, United States. We roof and extensively knowledgeable and intensively trained QuickBooks team who cater excellent services to our clients worldwide. Our services are assured of legal work. Here we understand the sensitivity of the given information and the consequences of data loss/leakage. We kept all these things into consideration and made the Privacy Policy for your accounting software services.

Data Collection

When you land on our official web page, you have to provide certain personal information to proceed further. The information may be used for the future contact and business formalities. The data/information is also used for developing a better communication with us. The personal information that is collected from our clients is as follows:

  • Information sought by QB experts
  • Portfolio information/Creditor information
  • Client’s entity identity and contact details
  • Financial information

Trust Policy of

Trusting a third party agency for technical help services is quite difficult. Considering this we at stress on data security that is collected from the clients. The data is stored in the computer system with tight security and confidential passwords. We do not follow overseas data security policies and our policy is to access your information either by you or us. Our hired team is trained to maintain the data security and confidentiality to maintain proper security. We use cutting edge technology aspects to regulate the misuse of the information that has been collected by you.

Guarantee & Security

At times we may not be able to provide you complete security accessed by third parties. The security measures are as follows:

  • Audit trail to client data
  • Confidentiality clauses in employment agreements
  • Offsite data backup
  • Server Encryption and site monitoring
  • Computer password authentication
  • Computer Firewalls & intrusion detection
  • Restricted access to firm premises
  • Unique client identifiers
  • Computer, Internet and Email Policy


When you browse websites sometimes you choose to turn off the cookies option. This gives you the benefit of using the online forms. No matter the cookies option is on or off our web page will be able to track the movement on an average basis. This data collected by us data is provided by the customer willingly and we assume that agree to let the website use your information as per the norms of the privacy statement.