Now Easily Open qbw files Without QuickBooks

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For both businesses of small and medium stature, QuickBooks desktop is effective software to organize and manage data and accounts easily and efficiently. But sometimes it might get a bit problematic to open qbw files, but here are some ways to open qbw file without QuickBooks and access them in the computer easily.

Open QBW Files without QuickBooks

Here are some of the steps that one can follow to open qbw files without QuickBooks.

Step 1: Begin by clicking on the ‘Start’ button and then clocking on ‘All Programs’. Next scroll down to ‘Intuit’ and open the folder. Select the program ‘QuickBooks. ’

Step 2: The user is then suppose to select the company file that as he/ she wishes to export from the QuickBooks. Click ‘open’ on that file and enter the user

Password if required. Next Click on ‘Customers’, ‘Vendors’ or ‘Employees’ at the screen’s top and click on ‘Customer Centre’ after selecting it.

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Step3: Next the QBW file needs to be imported into an excel document. For that select the option ‘Excel’ provided on the screen’s top and then select the option  ‘Export Excel’.The file needs to be saved, hence select a location and give the name to the file and click on ‘Export’.

Step4: After importing the excel file it needs to be opened. The version of the file is old. Select the excel file again and import it and for this the user would require the excel version 2010 or above that, it is recommended that the latest excel version is used to open QBW files without QuickBooks. The process is unlikely to work with older version of excel.

Step5: After the file, has been imported the user is required to select and click on the tab ‘data’. Following that the user is required to select and click on the tab ‘other resources’.

Step6: In this step the user has to identify qbw file that is displayed in the window and direct it.

Step7:  In case the qbw file is not displayed in the window and cannot be located easily, the user can search for the qbw file.

Step 8: After locating the file, the user is required to click on the new qbw file, which will open minus any hassle and is done without using the QuickBooks accounting software.

Since QuickBooks stores its data in .qwb type, it is only compatible with QuickBooks application. However since  Microsoft Excel uses similar formats to store its data, it is possible to convert QuickBooks’ qwb data files into Excel files.

With this above-mentioned method, QBW files can be opened without the QuickBooks and a user can utilize these steps for any QuickBooks software version.

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QuickBooks is quite sought after software for many businesses. One can easily manage a host of functions like account, payroll management, tax, and etc. with QuickBooks accounting software. It comes with great features and is very helpful in enhancing the business successfully.

QuickBooks Technical Help:

In case the user faces any issues in opening qbw file without the QuickBooks, the user should contact the PosTechie QuickBooks Technical Support team of experts for help anytime on 1800 935 0532.