Pole Display QuickBooks POS

Pole Display QuickBooks POS functions to show the customer cash register purchase information. The pole display receives data from the Point of Sale software running on the connected computer and translates it for the customer. There are many pole displays used for the display advertising messages, depending on the capability of the Point of Sale system software.

Pole Display QuickBooks POS are commonly known as customer displays that showcases the information of the product to the customer. One can observe the pole displays at the check out counter of the fast food establishments. There is a variation in the displays of the pole displays. They vary from one to three lines of display and some support advertising as well. They are build in a way to stand alone independently with a weighted based having the flexibility of height extension. Some pole displays can be directly resting to the terminal. Another variety is table top displays that functions entirely similar to the pole displays. But the name itself signifies that it rests on the surface instead being mounted on a pole.

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There are many pole displays that directly connect to a serial port and need a Correct Serial Port (COM) to be selected in point of sale software in order to work. This specific settings is to display you  the software you buy and use. The USB pole displays also uses the serial port, but create their own “virtual” COM port to communicate with your software. Also there are parallel port interface settings and a setting known as “pass-through” for either serial or parallel port configurations that permits the usage of the port by a printer as well as other device and a pole reader. To distinguish the text being sent the the pole reader and the data being sent to the printer you POS software needs to issue the commands accordingly.

There are various command sets that interface with pole displays that include Logic Controls, Epson, Aedex, Emax, PTC, Noritaki and a universal command set. The universal command set works with any pole display and software with an expectation that the right drivers are downloaded. There are several POS software that functions with the Logic Controls command set. The other set of commands are crafted to be plug and play with software. If you are unsure about the command set that your software supports you should purchase the universal command set pole display.

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There are pole displays that are designed for both side displays so that both the customer and clerk can be benefited with the display. Important messages can also be programmed in pole displays that support this feature. For more details on Pole Display QuickBooks POS you can contact QuickBooks point of sale customer support team. You can reach the tech support team by phone, email and live chat option.

Also you connect with other QuickBooks support agencies like “QuickBooks POS Technical support” that employs highly capable and experienced QB professionals who smoothly handles all your POS issues and queries. They assure resolution in the first call itself.