QuickBooks Drive Thru POS Technical Help

QuickBooks Drive Thru POS

QuickBooks Drive Thru POS system intensifies the experience with drive-thru with the various tools and features. The system enables the customers to communicate through live video feed on the iPad POS. The face to face interaction with employees helps to place their orders in a better way. The orders are quickly displayed on the customer screen and can be easily modified for accurate order taking. The low internet does not hinder your work go out. The main features includes: Live Video Interaction , Better Reporting, Ingredient Inventory to track inventory levels in real-time, PCI/P2PE to ensure business data security, handling employees and no work hinder even if  slow internet or power outrage does not stop business. If you need help or you want technical help contact QuickBooks POS technical help.

QuickBooks POS technical help


“The implementation of Drive Thru QuickBooks POS software to small restaurant business helped me to manage multiple windows efficiently. The software significantly improved the business accuracy by using graphics and visuals offered through customization.

On having some queries, I contacted postechie.com and the QB experts provided answers in the minimum wait time. Thank you so much to you guys.”

-Christopher Sanders(Omaha, NE 68137)